AspirEnergy is an energy solutions company that helps commercial properties increase long-term value by reducing operating costs through sustainable solutions. Your bottom line is our focus. As no two properties are the same, our approach is consultative and designed to meet your financial requirements. We provide an integrated energy solutions platform that is flexible, giving you the ability to outsource this function to minimize infrastructure investments or obtain expertise on a particular energy reduction measure. Our team has over 10 years of energy management experience as well as our team holds the Certified Energy Manager (CEM) certification.

This Building Tune-Up would aim to optimize energy and water performance by identifying no- or low-cost actions related to building operations and maintenance, focusing on actions that typically pay back within 2 years and generate 15-25% in energy savings, on average.

The building tune-up would include a detailed examination of the following: Utility Bill Analysis; Controls/Sensors; Schedules; Set Points; Outside Air Control; Equipment Controls; Maintenance Check; Design Issues; Lighting; Domestic Plumbing System Maintenance.

Key Contacts

Rishi Shah


Michael Babicki, Jr.

Tune Up Specialist



50 Cragwood Road, Suite 108A
S. Plainfield, NJ 07080

Business Types

  • Consulting
  • Energy service company (ESCO)

Services Offered

  • Building Tune-Ups Services

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