Optimum Energy, LLC

At Optimum Energy, we believe that together, we can now do more with less. We are entering an era where the marriage of technology and collaboration will allow us to share more things and use less energy without sacrificing lifestyle or compromising economic growth. We’re leading the way in this movement with a solution that combines technologically advanced HVAC optimization software with world-class expertise in system design and operations. Our solution continuously reduces energy in buildings and does not require operator intervention.

We use a proven approach to provide ongoing efficiency gains in HVAC systems of up to 50%, which results in reduced resource usage—water, electricity, and people. Our software provides detailed insights into how systems operate and what is happening in buildings in real time, and offers a growing range of solutions for preventative maintenance and climate control. This approach offers vastly improved operating efficiency, which further increases savings, and importantly reduces overall carbon emissions.

Key Contact

Christi DeCuir

VP Engineering Services & Support
(206) 965-9960 Ext. 172


411 First Avenue South Suite 620
Seattle, WA 98104

Building Types Served

  • Commercial

Business Types

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Product sales

Services Offered

  • Commercial/industrial HVAC products/services
  • Controls contracting/service
  • Energy audit
  • Energy benchmarking
  • Engineering
  • HVAC/controls optimization
  • Measurement and verification

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