Enhabit is a Northwest non-profit. We create social impact through better living spaces. We transform the everyday with hands-on human work. We advise and create solutions for homeowners, utilities and local governments to create efficient, healthy and safe living spaces. These efforts, in turn, create strong, thriving and equitable communities.

A nationally recognized expert in the residential sector, Enhabit has developed a variety of consulting services, programs and products, all of which leverage an extensive network of construction, financing, government, community advocacy, and utility partnerships. Working with Enhabit, customers and clients can:

  • measure and improve the performance and safety of living spaces,
  • reduce CO2 outputs and energy waste,
  • create equitable jobs,
  • and improve the resilience of neighborhoods and cities.

Key Contact

Tim Miller



1733 NE 7th Ave
Portland, OR 97212

Building Types Served

  • Residential

Business Types

  • Education
  • Not for profit

Services Offered

  • Education/information
  • Energy audit
  • Residential energy services

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