Energy Efficiency Finance Corp

Energy Efficiency Finance Corporation (EEFC) is a financial advisory firm, whose mission is to accelerate investment in sustainable clean energy as a means to combat climate change, create green jobs, reduce energy use, increase our national energy security, and stimulate local economies.

For governments, non-profits, utilities, development agencies, and private companies EEFC provides the expertise to design energy efficiency and renewable energy finance programs. These programs help energy users of all types to invest in energy efficiency and small scale renewable projects. EEFC can help identify strategies to leverage public funds and to develop partnerships with financial institutions that result in significant private investment.

For energy efficiency and renewable energy companies, EEFC acts as financial advisor and placement agent to raise capital or arrange capital for project finance and corporate finance purposes.

Key Contact

Dan Clarkson

Vice President


Olympia Office


112 4th Avenue, Suite 206
Olympia, WA 98501

Seattle Office

110 Lakeside Avenue, Suite B
Seattle, WA 98122

Building Types Served

  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Business Types

  • Consulting

Services Offered

  • Education/information
  • Energy planning/consulting
  • Program design/management

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