NEEC Industry Event: Cost Effectiveness - Does it Need to Change?- Video Link and Presentations Available Now

July 2, 2013

Video recording and presentations of the NEEC Industry forum on July 23rd by Tom Eckman, Northwest Power and Conservation Council and Sami Khawaja, Cadmus, on Cost Effectiveness Test - Does it Need to Change? is now available.


Presentations can be downloaded, see below.


Energy Disclosure Requirement

December 1, 2009

The Backgrounder on Proposed City of Seattle Energy Disclosure Requirement is now available.  Download the below document for the full version.


Seattle and Portland Energy Benchmark and Disclosure Deadlines Near

April 3, 2017

Both Seattle and Portland have progressive policies that require commercial buildings (and multi-family in Seattle) to benchmark their properties and report that benchmark information to the city. The deadline for reporting on 2016 energy use is approaching in both jurisdictions. The City of Seattle deadline is April 1st. The City of Portland deadline is April 22nd.


New Year, New Legislative Sessions in Washington and Oregon

December 28, 2016

The new year brings more political news than just the specter of the President Donald J. Trump administration, as both Washington and Oregon will convene new legislatures in tandem with two newly re-elected Governors. While Washington and Oregon begin their new biennial cycles, things look much like they did in 2016. In Oregon, Democrats control both chambers and the Governor’s office while Washington maintains the lone Republican stronghold in the Senate. In Washington, Gov.

Inslee Proposes Carbon Tax to Fund Education

December 28, 2016

On the heels of an unsuccessful statewide initiative to create a revenue neutral carbon tax, recently re-elected Governor Jay Inslee has proposed a carbon tax as a revenue source to fund the state’s court-mandated support of K-12 public education. The ambitious Inslee plan would generate $4.4B in new revenue through a combination of the carbon tax, a capital gains tax, and closing a set of current tax exemptions.

Energy Performance Transparency Coming to Seattle Soon

September 28, 2016

Following positive action by the Seattle City Council earlier this year, Seattle's Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) has held a series of input meetings over the summer with a wide array of stakeholders including building owners and managers, industry representatives, and policy advocates. A final Director's Rule should be published soon which details the specifics for both what and how building energy performance is made publicly available. It's anticipated that public disclosure will begin sometime this fall, but no later than early December.

City of Seattle Moves Forward on Building Tune Up

September 28, 2016

 Seattle has adopted one of the country's most innovative add-on features to energy benchmarking and disclosure - a periodic building tune up policy (click here for more background on the policy). Over the summer, Seattle OSE has hosted a series of both technical working group and public forums to discuss potential features of the required tune up.

New Reports Provide Quantitative Results on the Economic Development Effects of Energy Eficiency

August 9, 2016

Following an earlier ECONorthwest study released in late 2014, NEEC announces the availability of newly updated results on the macroeconomic benefits of energy efficiency investments in the states of Washington and Oregon. Respected economics consulting firm ECONorthwest used two sophisticated economic models to quantify both the short term and longer term impacts of energy efficiency investments in these two Northwest states. The analysis concludes that net job creation effects are 3,800 and 2,400 for Washington and Oregon respectively.

2015 WSEC Training Events in August

July 3, 2016

We are pleased to announce August dates and locations for the 2015 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) free trainings: Yakima, August 9; Pullman, August 11; and Port Angeles, August 24. Experts from the industry will cover key changes between the 2012 and 2015 WSEC for new construction and retrofits. Presentations will include compliance options for envelope, mechanical and lighting systems, and how to document compliance.


Snohomish County PUD Considers Residential Rate Redesign

July 5, 2016

SnoPUD has become the latest utility to consider the siren song of increased fixed charges to its residential customers as a reflex to the success of its energy efficiency programs and flattening demand. A utility Board of Commissioners meeting on June 21st heard a staff presentation on the issue. The arguments in favor of increasing a residential customer’s fixed service fee (and consequentially lowering the utility’s kWh rate) were time honored. The triggering concern is a forecast of insufficient revenue due to the potential of declining volumetric sales.

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