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So much is happening in the energy efficiency space that it’s hard to stay on top of all the news and events. But knowing about industry developments is crucial to the success of your organization. NEEC can help.

Our RSS feed provides you with the latest news from the NEEC Web site – without having to visit the site. It contains headlines and excerpts of the latest news, events, job and RFP postings that are relevant to the energy efficiency industry.

The RSS feed (RSS = Real Simple Syndication) is a file in XML format that is read by a special reader. A program to read the feed is required. Most modern Web browsers read RSS feeds, just bookmark the link to subscribe. You can also use Google's web-based service ( Also, most current email clients allow you to add RSS feeds, so you can view the latest NEEC news within your email program. There are many news readers available; use the one works best for you.

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