Smart Buildings Center – Education Program Gets 501(c)3 Designation

August 21, 2017

As most know, NEEC’s inaugurated its newest project effort – Smart Buildings Center – in the Fall of 2015. Our new 5,000 square foot office, training, and event center is a gathering spot for business and industry groups who share our passion for the built environment (if you haven’t seen it, come and visit). The site also houses our free Tool Lending Library, a regional resource for lending building diagnostic tools like data loggers, IR cameras, flow measuring devices, and power meters to facility professionals in Washington and Oregon – for free. In the next step to grow the programs and opportunities focused on smart and efficient building operations, a new non-profit was recently formed – the Smart Buildings Center Education Program (SBC-EP). Recently, the SBC-EP was issued the IRS final determination letter granting it 501(c)3 status. The new SBC-EP has an educational mission to increase awareness and understanding of smart building technologies and practices. As a 501(c)3, SBC-EP will be able to solicit tax deductible contributions to support the development of this type of programming. NEEC will continue to operate the facility (the box) and SBC-EP will help develop educational content (the stuff that goes into the box).

The SBC-EP is governed by its own Board of Directors, but will work in close coordination with the NEEC Board. The initial SBC-EP Board includes;

  • Ash Awad, McKinstry
  • Perry England, MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions
  • Dan McConnon, State of Washington
  • Chris Roe, Amazon
  • Bert Von Hoof, Microsoft
  • Phil Welker, PECI

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