Energy Trust of Oregon Sets Record in 2016

February 28, 2017

The Energy Trust of Oregon announced its preliminary efficiency results for CY2016 and the numbers set achievement records for savings in the state. Though the numbers will be finalized soon, the Energy Trust achieved 60 aMW of electric savings (109% of goal) and 6.7 MMTH of natural gas savings (117% of goal). For 2016, the ETO exceeded program savings goals in all five of its utility service territories. The savings came from strong sector performance across the board with the commercial and residential sectors leading the way in electricity savings and the industrial/agricultural sector leading on the natural gas savings front. 

Congratulations to the ETO on these accomplishments. The question is, how did they do it? The more “conventional wisdom”, or at least that which is often expressed in planning meetings in the region, focuses on the declining availability of the EE resource. After all, the low hanging fruit has been picked! Well, given the 2016 ETO performance, that mantra may need retirement.


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