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Helping homeowners finance a greener tomorrow. Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union or PSCCU for short has been serving the Puget Sound region and beyond since 1934. We are helping homeowners finance their energy efficient improvements by offering loans at low fixed rates with terms up to 15 years, so homeowners can partially offset their monthly loan payments with reduced utility bills. Our loans are not tied directly to the homes equity which allows us to reach a broader group of homeowners then a traditional equity loan.


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Shannon Ellis-Brock


600 108th AVE. N.E. Suite 1035
Bellevue, WA 98004-5129

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PSCCU Cares, Acts and Empowers
At PSCCU, members are not only part owners of a financial cooperative, but they also help play a role in environmental sustainability, financial security for others, and job creation. The credit union offers all the financial products and management tools as other financial institutions, but they diversify themselves by combining helping the environment with providing their members with the best money-saving options. One of the major ways they accomplish this is through their Energy Smart (Home... Read more ...

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