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Ecova makes businesses and utilities more successful through energy and sustainability management. Ecova blends data and technology, with people and insight, to drive powerful results. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, and hundreds of thousands of business sites across North America and Europe, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks and enhance reputations. Ecova is a subsidiary of ENGIE, a worldwide global energy player. For more information, visit the company’s website, on LinkedIn, or follow Ecova on Twitter at @EcovaInc.

Energy Star Partner

Key contacts

Greg Stiles
Utility Sales Director


Ecova -Portland
100 SW Market St #200
Portland, OR 97201
Ecova- Seattle
1008 Western Ave #302
Seattle, WA 98104

Member Case Study

Puget Sound Energy and Ecova Partner to Design a Multifamily Energy Efficiency Program that Addresses Market Hurdles
With some 16 million renter-occupied apartments and condominiums across the U.S. consuming 15.6 percent of all energy in the nation, multifamily buildings are the proverbial “low hanging fruit” when it comes to capturing energy savings of 15 to 30 percent. While the opportunity is there, it can be a challenge to convince property owners to take advantage of the programs and rebates offered by utilities. Owners may be reticent to fund capital upgrades when they are not responsible... Read more ...

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