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Climate Fellow, Snohomish PUD and Encore Climate Fellowships Program

Snohomish PUD, in partnership with the Encore Climate Fellowships Program (ECFP), is seeking a Fellow for an exciting new opportunity in Snohomish County. The utility is looking for a Fellow to serve as the Residential New Construction Liaison in the implementation of their Residential New Construction Program. The Fellow will provide program and communications development, conduct outreach and recruit major home builders to participate in the program, facilitate the “Snohomish County Cool Communities” program, and mentor work host staff for ongoing operation of the program after conclusion of the fellowship. The program will emphasize collaboration between Snohomish PUD, Snohomish County, and Built Green and other Green Certified Homes Programs.

The ECFP, hosted locally by 501 Commons, is a unique track of the Encore Fellowship program. This successful nation-wide initiative helps transition highly-skilled professionals who are retiring or wishing to change careers into the social purpose sector. We are seeking seasoned professionals who want to give back to their communities and help them be more resilient in dealing with climate change. Fellowships are half-time for one year (1000 hours). Fellows are paid a modest wage for their work. See:

To learn more or apply for this opportunity please contact Paul Johnson, ECFP Program Manager, at or call (206) 819-6664. Please note that the utility is interested in filling this position in early 2017. Applications will be reviewed as they are received.